5 essential things to consider when naming your brand or business

5 essential things to consider when naming your brand or business

Finding the right business name is a very tricky task. You want a name that stands out and which expresses your company message. But at the same time, you don’t want the name to be too long and not very expressive. All the little details count when it comes to finding a good name, and here you have a list with 5 important tips that may be able to help you with this entire process.

1 - Make it memorable

Your business name needs to have that oomph that makes it stand out. There’s a reason why brands like Nike, Apple, Adidas or Facebook are so easy popular. They offer great products, but their brand name is simple and easy to remember. If the name is too difficult to spell, people will find it hard to look for you in the search engines. If anything, they will end up finding your competition first. And that’s the most important aspect behind all of this. You also need to see if there are any spelling problems too, just to be safe.

2 - Use the 4S

What this means is you need to have a brand name that’s Sticky, Short, Straightforward and Easy to Say. As long as you have a brand name that’s short and sweet, you will have no problem getting more leads and customers. But if your brand name is overly complicated and not that easy to say, you won’t receive the exposure and word of mouth you want.

3 - Choose your words carefully

Some words can have different connotations depending on who uses them. Which is why it’s important to study the connotation of each word you want to use. The business name needs to have strong, positive words that fully describe what your business does and what customers can expect from it. You also want to associate yourself with anything bad. Positive, professional associations are welcome.

4 - Do you have a free domain name for your brand?

As soon as you come up with an idea, you also want to check whether the brand’s domain name is free or not. Ideally you want to have a website that has the same name with your company for improved branding.

5 - Acronyms

In case the brand name you want is already taken, you can use acronyms. These help you shorten that business name idea into something that’s free and ready to use. Companies like IGN for example are doing that, and it works well for them.

One thing is certain, the brand name has a huge impact on your business, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. The best thing that you can do is to try out various brand names and see which ones suit your needs. Trial and error is a priority here. Of course, you also need to check and see if there is a domain name available for that name. All these things are crucial when you start picking a brand name, and once you do them the results can be extraordinary. Do keep in mind that finding a good brand name takes time, so it’s important to have a lot of patience!